Getting started / Making an experiment



System requirements

Installing, Updating, Uninstalling

Preferences – pb_prefs

Compatibility settings

Files and folders



The pb command


Objects and properties



Object documentation

Element objects

Other objects – trial, experiment, device, staircase

Making and running an experiment – Visual method

Making an experiment – General

Set up an experiment file – makeExperiment

Define trials

Set trial repetition and order – Trial list

Define objects not specific to trial

Making an experiment – Options

Fill cells in a column from a vector/array – ^

Repeat in a column – *#

Generate combinations across columns – *

Randomize order in a column – ?

Auto repeat

Set multiple objects in the same columns

Repeat value, not expression – $

Reference other properties

Reference variables

Reference external variables

Conditional code

Leave properties at default/unset

Different trial structures

Custom trial definition numbering/names

Set trial repetition and order in trial definitions

Ignore columns


Randomize order

Randomize values

Counterbalance across subjects

Loading and running an experiment

Load an experiment – loadExperiment

View an experiment – viewExperiment

Test an experiment using auto response – runExperiment -a

Run an experiment – runExperiment

Quit/Resume an experiment

Other tools – showElements, etc.

Making and running an experiment – Coding method (optional)

Element objects

Element timing – start, end

Trial timing

Visual elements

Response handler elements


Distance units – deg, deg-, cm, ww, wh, wwh, px

Color units – RGB(A)

Experiment results output, Record properties

Results table and matrix, .mat and .csv files

Specifying what to see in results – report, info

How to…

Varying element properties in real time


Method of adjustment

Scanners, Triggers

Stereo display

Custom stimuli – New element types

Making/Editing element types

Sending/Receiving element types