cedrusPad device object

cedrusPad objects are optional. You only need to add one if you want to change a property from default. Note you can also change the default values themselves using pb_prefs at the MATLAB command line, which may be more convenient.

An object of type cedrusPad provides options for a Cedrus response pad, e.g. for use with a cedrusPress element. You can add columns setting properties for a cedrusPad object in the optional table for objects not specific to trial (experiment, device, staircase objects). [Or in the coding method: Make a cedrusPad object outside trials using function cedrusPad, set properties, and input it to addToExperiment.]

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No default, changeable in pb_prefs

A string that is name of the serial port the pad is on, as accepted by Psychtoolbox IOPort('OpenSerialPort'). From Psychtoolbox documentation: On Windows this could be, e.g. <cds>"COM1"<cds>, <cds>"COM2"<cds>, etc.; on Mac it is a path to a BSD device file, e.g. <cds>"/dev/cu.usbserial-FT3Z95V5"<cds> for a serial-over-USB device with unique ID FT3Z95V5; on Linux e.g. <cds>"/dev/ttyS0"<cds> for the first real serial port, 
<cds>"/dev/ttyUSB0"<cds> for the first serial-over-USB device, etc.


Default, changeable in pb_prefs: full baud

By default the pad connection runs at 115.2k baud. If you set fullBaud = <cd>false<cd>, it reduces to 57.6k. Maybe helpful if pad connection/operation is unreliable on your system at the full rate.